Martin L. Hatfield, County Attorney



Let me begin my saying how honored I am to be able to serve the citizens of Pulaski County as your County Attorney. I have had the privilege to serve in this capacity since 2011 and continually strive to provide services to the citizens of Pulaski County with dedication and professionalism.  I have a wonderful team of assistants and staff in place who share my same drive, desire to serve, and love of Pulaski County.  Together, we work hard to meet your needs.

As County Attorney, my assistants and I prosecute all violations and misdemeanor offenses in District Court.  Those are offenses which are either not punishable by jail time, but rather a monetary fine, or those that are punishable by up to 12 months in the county detention center.  My office works alongside Eddy F. Montgomery and the Commonwealth Attorney's Office to handle felony offenses at the preliminary stage and through a Rocket Docket Program which expedites cases through the criminal justice system.  We prosecute juvenile public offense cases in District Court and represent the Commonwealth of Kentucky in family court cases involving juvenile status offenses and dependency, abuse and neglect cases.  My office is also responsible for representing the Commonwealth of Kentucky in Mental Health and Guardianship cases in District Court.
My office administers a Cold Check Enforcement Program, handles the collection and enforcement of child support for Pulaski County, and collects delinquent property taxes. Finally, as County Attorney, I serve as a legal advisor to the Pulaski County Fiscal Court and draft county ordinances.

During my tenure as County Attorney, I have been able to implement various new positions and programs to help us better serve the needs of the citizens of Pulaski County.  During my first term in office, I hired a Detective for our office to aid in the preparation of cases for District Court, assist citizens who seek to file a criminal complaint against another person or persons, and work as a liaison with local and state law enforcement in the investigation and preparation of cases and complaints.  Prior to my administration, the Pulaski County Attorney's Office has never had a Detective on staff. Moreover, my office has received a grant through the Victims of Crimes Act (VOCA) which has allowed us to put in place a Victim's Advocate position to help give crime victims a voice in the courtroom. In addition, our office, along with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office has received a grant to implement a Rocket Docket Program designed to combat the drug epidemic and the rise of the presence of Heroin in our community by expediting review and prosecution of lower-level drug and drug-related offenses.  I have worked diligently to implement various diversion programs for traffic and other offenses that allow citizens to participate in educational programs in exchange for a favorable resolution of their case upon successful completion of the program. Finally, and perhaps most recently, my office has formed a relationship with a Mental Health/Counseling service to assist those charged with certain crimes with targeted treatment designed to identify the underlying problems and develop solutions to better their quality of life and prevent re-offending.

Long story short, my staff and I work diligently to provide services to the citizens of our community and take great pride in doing so.  I am proud to serve as your County Attorney and feel blessed to not only have been born and raised here, but to have raised my own family here and to be a part of the Pulaski County community. I hope you find the content of this website informational.  Please contact my office at 606-679-4449 with any additional questions you may have.


Martin L. Hatfield